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  • Coast to Coast AM

    On Air: Weekdays, Midnight - 4am; Weekends, Midnight - 5am

    A media phenomenon, Coast to Coast AM deals with UFO's, strange occurrences, life after death, and other unexplained (and ...

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  • America in the Morning

    On Air: Weekdays, 4am - 5am

    Because news doesn't stop when you're sleeping, America starts the day with America in the Morning. America in ...

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  • Doug Stephan's Good Day

    On Air: Weekdays, 5am - 8am

    Doug Stephan's Good Day has less emphasis on political issues and more on what's affecting your every-day life ...

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  • The Glenn Beck Program

    On Air: Weekdays, 8am - 11am

    Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality, Glenn Beck has attracted millions of viewers and listeners. The ...

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  • The Rush Limbaugh Show

    On Air: Weekdays, 11am - 2pm

    Who is Rush Limbaugh? In 'Who's Who,' he's listed as the founder of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced ...

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  • Garage Logic

    On Air: Weekdays, 2pm - 4pm

    The town of Garage Logic, where, unlike any other town in Minnesota (and the USA?), Common Sense is the single ...

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  • Sportstalk

    On Air: Weekdays, 4pm - 5pm

    Joe Soucheray and Patrick Reusse have tee it up together for SportsTalk™, the most listened to sports program. Joe is ...

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  • Reusse & Mackey

    On Air: Weekdays, 5pm - 6pm

    Patrick Reusse & Phil Mackey debuted as a duo in March 2010, Tabbed as The Curmudgeon and The Punk -- a play ...

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  • Free Talk Live

    On Air: Monday - Saturday, 6pm - 9pm

    What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE ...

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  • Health Talk

    On Air: Weekdays, 9pm - 10pm; Sunday, 6pm - 8pm

    Health Talk is the longest-running M.D.-hosted health show on syndicated radio. The show is a mixed format of ...

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  • The Rusty Humphries Show

    On Air: Weekdays, 10pm - Midnight

    "The Rusty Humphries Show" is a fast-paced, issue-oriented, caller-driven talk show. Rusty's unique talent can make you laugh one ...

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  • Talk Radio Countdown

    On Air: Saturday, 5am - 7am

    Each weekend we bring you the opportunity to catch up on the week's top "Hits" from the world of ...

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  • The Midwest Polka Party

    On Air: Saturday, 7am - 9am

    Join Pat Cadigan for the Midwest Polka Party Saturdays from 7a-9a. Pat Cadigan's polka days go back to the ...

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  • The Kim Komando Show

    On Air: Saturday, 9am - 10am & 5pm - 6pm

    Kim Komando is the host of The Kim Komando Show, a top-10-rated radio talk show with over 8 million listeners ...

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  • Saturday Morning Sports Talk

    On Air: Saturday, 10am - Noon

    Patrick Reusse probably didn't think much of his first meeting with Judd Zulgad, the latest in the revolving door ...

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  • Outdoor News Radio

    On Air: Saturday, Noon - 1pm; Sunday 8am - 9am & 8pm - 9pm

    Find out the latest fishing and hunting information every week with Outdoor News Radio. Rob Drieslein and his guests will ...

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  • The Car Doctor

    On Air: Saturday, 1pm - 3pm

    Ron Ananian knows his craft. For over 25 years, motorists have received quality, honest work with a smile at Ron ...

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  • The Pet Show

    On Air: Saturday, 3pm - 5pm

    Warren Eckstein is the most renowned Pet Psychologist and Pet Humorist in the country. Warren helps his callers solve their ...

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  • Making America Laugh with Louie Anderson

    On Air: Saturday, 9pm - 10pm

    Louie Anderson is looking to take his brand of humor and warmth to the radio airwaves-covering topical news, taking listener ...

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  • Hollywood 360

    On Air: Saturday, 10pm - Midnight

    What do you get when you take Classic Radio, Entertainment Tonight, Turner Classic Movies and TV Land and mix them ...

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  • It's Polka Time

    On Air: Sunday, 5am - 7am

    The format for It's Polka Time! is designed to enhance polka music broadcasting and make it more appealing for ...

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  • Wall Street Journal This Weekend

    On Air: Sunday, 7am - 8am

    Gordon Deal hosts this one-hour, fast paced look at the week in news, politics and business news. The show puts ...

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  • Ask the Handyman

    On Air: Sunday, 9am - 11am

    People all over the country have one thing in common. They care a lot about their biggest investment...their home ...

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  • The Travel Show

    On Air: Sunday, 11am - 1pm

    Get ready to pack your bags and travel smart as The Frommers guide you through luxurious travel on a budget ...

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  • Under the Hood

    On Air: Sunday, 1pm - 3pm

    Shannon Nordstrom and Russ Evans along with Chris Carter are your Motor Medics® bringing a fun side to car - talk ...

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  • Money Talk with Bob Brinker

    On Air: Sunday, 3pm - 6pm

    Get the best financial advice there is from Bob Brinker For over 20 years, Bob has been there to guide ...

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  • Bill Cunningham

    On Air: Sunday, 9pm - Midnight

    Since 1983, the acclaimed "Voice of the Common Man" has lightened up the airwaves of 700WLW in Cincinnati with many ...

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