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Travis Nowak is now a United States Marine!

by Scott Hanson

This blog is called "What's Happening"  News and happenings across the Northland.    I couldn't be happier to share the news that as of this morning (11/7/13), Travis Micheal Nowak is a United States Marine.   He finished the Crucible, along with the rest of ECHO Company, 2nd Battalion, MCRD San Diego.  He received his Eagle, Globe and Anchor (the Marine Corp symbol).  He graduates November 15th, 2013.  Travis' parents are Michael Nowak and Shelly & Scott Hanson.   Below is a video about The United States Marine Corps Crucible, the final test that Marine recruits endure before earning their Eagle, Globe & Anchor.   As always, please keep our service men & women and their families in your prayers.  ~Scott