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To Curl or not to Curl... that is the question.

by Jessie Hawkins

Are you an avid curler or have you never tried curling but you are curious?  Curling, as I've been informed, is a pretty big deal here in the north country and I've never tried it!   I'm thinking this is the year to change that.  With colder weather here curling clubs will be gearing up for the season.

As you know curling is a sport, an Olympic sport I might add, in which players slide stones across the rink towards a big giant target.  Stones and brooms and ice...when you say it like that it sounds barbaric in nature but it's kind of like the north country's version of chess on ice.  I must admit when I first heard of curling described as stones and brooms and ice, I chuckled and thought - what's so great about that?!  Apparently, a lot!  and this is the year I'm going to find out and perhaps embark on my new sport addiction. Join me!  There are curling clubs in Hibbing, Chisholm, Buhl, Grand Rapids and of course Duluth.  I've added the link to the MN Curling Club Association for you if you are as eager as I am to try something new (actually it's an older sport as it dates back to as early as the 16th century, but new for me.)  lol  Thanks!