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Back to School Drive for Supplies

by Jessie Hawkins

Thank-goodness for organizations like the Salvation Army of both Hibbing and Virginia and for good hearted people and businesses like the Carousel Thrift Store in Chisholm;these people and organizations are holding drives across the range cities to help put school supplies in the back packs of area children.We may not even realize how many kids will head back to the classroom in September with embarrassment, fear and sadness because by no fault of their own their families couldnt afford to send them to school well equipped to handle the day to day tasks of school!

Nancy Massich says it wonderfully, School supplies are more than just things in a backpack.Theyre an expression of a childs optimism about being in schooland succeeding in school

As well as not being labeled, poor, or different.

If you are able to donate items please drop them off at the Covered Wagon in the parking lot of Access North on the corner of Hwy. 37 and 169 or at the Hibbing and Virginia Salvation Army locations.You can also drop off donations and find out more ways to help at the Carousel Thrift Store in Chisholm; ask Bret or Heather Keely.

Items needed:

Back packs

Packs of Pencils




Colored Pencils

Packs of Coloring Crayons


Kleenex boxes


If you are struggling to afford the items your children need to go back to school prepared, bring proof of school age children, i.e. their social security card, school record or birth certificate to the Salvation Army in both Virginia and or Hibbing on the following days to get signed up to receive supplies you need:

In Virginia:

Monday through Friday 07/28/14 08/08/14 10-am to noon and again 1pm to 3pm.The address is 507 W 12 th Avenue (Virginia, MN)

In Hibbing:

Tuesday, July 29 th and August 1 st from 9am until noon (provide family income verification and id for all children)

Distribution day is August 22 nd 9am to noon

The address is 107 West Howard Street Hibbing.

Good luck and God bless!