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Try a New Trail

by Craig Holgate

Warmer weather is here and we have the snow to play in, so now is the time to get out and enjoy this white winter! 

I know sometimes people are hesitant to try a new ski trail because they don't want to end up on a trail that is too difficult for them. 

Well here is a good one for the whole family. The majority of the trail is nice and flat, and along the way you get scenic views of the Mississippi River, a beautiful cedar swamp, and the logging camp. 

Ski trail leads you through the logging camp

Or you can park at the Sylvan Point Trailhead off 14th Ave and make your ski a little longer. We skied in from this parking lot and the whole ski is less than 4.5 miles. Remember you do need a Minnesota Ski Trail pass to use these trails. For more information about what else is going at the Forest History Center check out their website.  

Enjoy the quiet of a cedar swamp.