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St. Louis County hopes to improve gravel roads Sunday.

by Craig Holgate

Have you been driving on any gravel roads recently in St. Louis County?!? Yeah....not too good. However the county road crew is aware and is hoping this Sunday will provide an opportunity for them to make some repairs. Here's a statement from St. Louis County:

Approximately half of St. Louis Countys 3,000 miles of roads are gravel, and we absolutely understand the frustration of our citizens who have to travel these roads, because were frustrated, too, said Jim Foldesi, director of Public Works. This combination of weather conditions is among the worst weve ever seen, so we appreciate the publics patience right now. We are ready and eager to improve these roads just as soon as we get some drier conditions.

That could take place as early as this Sunday. Public Works crews are paying close attention to the weather forecast, which is calling for warmer temperatures and drier conditions by Sunday. Road maintenance staff will begin working on improving the gravel roads just as soon as it makes sense to do so.