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It’s Fall…..Great color nearby Now!

by Craig Holgate

If you’re looking for some beautiful fall color now is the time to get out there, especially with all the sunshine in our forecast for this week. The trees have been turning fast so grab your camera and head out soon before you miss it.

Of course the fall colors always look better with the sun on them, unfortunately we didn’t have the sun this past weekend, but we still saw some great sights.

Scenic State park, which is one of our closer State Parks, is now at about 75 % of peak. With 10 miles of hiking trails, some of which allow mountain biking, this is a great park to get out and enjoy. It’s close by and this time of year you will have most of the park to yourself.

The Department of Natural Resources has been updating their website on a regular basis and you can check it here  to see how the color has been changing.  Note: Upper left photo was taking leaving the park on Sunday late afternoon, which is when the sun finally showed up!