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Extreme Racing...The Arrowhead 135, is underway.

by Craig Holgate

It's really cold and at times very dark...oh and it's a long way. Okay, personally this just doesn't even appeal to me, but I do find it to be somewhat fascinating. If you haven't heard of it before The Arrowhead 135 is celebrating it's 10th year as an extreme race that goes from International Falls to Lake Vermilion. 

The race began this morning with 141 racers leaving in 24 degree's below zero, and that is not counting the wind chill. You have the option to run, bike or ski the 135 miles along the Arrowhead snowmobile trail. The race finish cutoff time is Wednesday at 7 p.m. However, statically less than half will finish. 

You can read more, including updates, at their official website.