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Deer Feeding Program to start Saturday

by Craig Holgate

Winter Emergency Deer Feeding Update 3-11-14

Beginning on Saturday, March 15, 2014, all Distribution locations will be distributing deer feed from 8:00am to Noon. None of the DNR provided deer feed will be available outside of those times during the week, but most distributors have other deer feed available for purchase, if needed.

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has consolidated the Cook and Virginia locations to just Virginia due to the necessity for so many volunteers to help with this effort, and as that location has inside storage capabilities.

Here is the list of Distribution Locations going forward:

Esko - Widdes Farm & Feed

Moose Lake - Moose Lake Cooperative

Wright - Farmers Co-op Feed Mill

Grand Rapids - Itasca Farm Supply

Hibbing - Hibbing Feed & Seed

Virginia - New London Warehouse

International Falls - Up North Builders


-Feed must be placed on PUBLIC LAND ONLY. 

-This feed is intended to be supplemental (not their only source of nutrients), so feed in a larger area, spread out in piles no more than an inch thick.

-Try to place feed on bare ground or on packed snow. As temps rise, snow will melt and cause feed to turn mushy. Look for open areas under trees or in the shade to place feed.

 -Bring your site report form back in when you return weekly for your feed rations. Let us know what you're seeing out there!

**Anyone can feed deer as long as you have access to a deer yard on public land, and have a good idea how many deer are there. Come to the distribution location closest to you on Saturday morning 8am-Noon, and we'll get the documentation we need and send you on your way with deer feed!

***If you are able and willing to help with distributing feed on Saturday mornings in your area, please contact your local MDHA chapter, or Jenny Foley at (jenny@mndeerhunters.com), or show up ready to help Saturday morning, and we'll put you to work! Our Grand Rapids location, especially, is looking for help, but each site will need a few extra helpers to give breaks or fill in on certain weekends. It's fun, and you will be helping the cause!