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Cross Country Skiing requires a ski pass..but One covers most.

by Craig Holgate

Cross country skiing like most other outdoor activities does require a pass or at least a daily fee. The good news is one pass will cover most of your skiing this winter; The Great Minnesota Ski pass. 

Enjoying the snowy winter woods. 

The ski pass is a ticket to more than 2,000 miles of grant-in-aid and state-designated cross-country ski trails. Many of these trails are in state parks and state forests, and the money collected from the ski pass goes directly to support grooming and maintenance of ski trails statewide.

State law requires skiers 16 years of age and older to purchase and possess a daily ($6), annual ($20) or three-year ($55) ski pass before using any grant-in-aid or state-designated cross-country ski trails.

Check out the map of locations where the Great Minnesota Ski Pass   can be used and a statewide snow depth map (updated everyThursday).

Skiers may purchase passes at any one of about 1,500 electronic licensing agents throughout Minnesota and at most state parks that have ski trails.