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The Blobfish Is Named the Ugliest Animal in the World

by Rachel

You've probably never heard of the BLOBFISH.  It lives near the bottom of the ocean and it looks pathetic and ridiculous.  The best description we saw is a, quote, "white, marine JABBA THE HUTT."

So this isn't a shocker . . . but it was just named the ugliest animal on the planet in a worldwide poll.  Here are the runners up . . .

The kakapo . . . a huge, flightless parrot in New Zealand.

The axolotl . . . a salamander that regenerates its own limbs.  Which is actually more cool-looking than ugly.

The Titicaca water frog . . . which is described as, quote, "the aquatic scrotum frog" because of two lumps on its back.



And the proboscis monkey . . . a monkey with a GIANT nose and a bloated, gassy stomach.