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The War on Paul Ryan

by Jerry Bader

Well, the left must think Paul Ryan is running for president, because the furor over his comments about poverty on Bill Bennet's radio show. Ryan was confronted by a constitutent at a town hall meeting  in his district, which made for a conversation piece on CNN, when they took a rare break from coverage ont he disappearance of Flight 370.

Ryan called his wording inarticulate, a crutch defense I'm getting tired of. Ryan, however, is standing by his point; the culture of dependency created by government which is prevealent in inner cities. The Wall Street Journal, in a Friday opinion piece , makes an important comparison to the words of Ryan and President Obama.

Mr. Obama seemed to be speaking of a cultural disconnect of young men of color when he announced his "My Brother's Keeper" project. In fact, minus the words "inner city" Obama and Ryan seemed to be saying the same thing. Yet the left hears "dog whistle" racism in Ryan's words. The left know what Ryan was really attacking; a government that tries to take care of everybody. And as they always do, they respond with vilification because they'll never win that battle with intellectual honesty.