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Friendly Fire

by Jerry Bader

If you're not familiar with Leonard Pitts, allow me to introduce you. He is a very far left columnist for the Miami Herald. He's not the first liberal to concede that President Obama lied and he still manages to take a shot a Republicans. But this column  is perhaps the most scathing indictment of Obama that I have seen from a loyal media sycophant, and Pitts is all of that. He's also somewhat delusional about the popularity of Obamacare and is either disingenuous or naive as to why the President lied about "you can keep it." And he also tacitly invokes the "all presidents do it" defense.

But even with those caveats, this piece is a radical departure for Pitts. There have been a few cracks in the Democratic wall in Congress, from those who have re-election to worry about next year, and even some who don't (Senator Dianne Feinstein). But the liberal media has been mostly reserved in its criticism, especially the liberal pundisphere. With his poll numbers plummeting and media friends beginning to abandon him, one can only wonder how many more Democrats will attempt to distance themselves from a badly wounded lame duck president.