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"Blow back"

by Jerry Bader

The family George Zimmerman helped save from their SUV canceled a news conference because they're afraid to say anything nice about him.Think about that for a moment. A family who was helped by Zimmerman is afraid to praise him for it because they may be targeted for their words. At it's most basic level, that's terrorism. They are terrified to speak positively of Zimmerman for fear of reprisal. At the very least it's a protection racket. 

It also shows the unsophisticated thinking of the haters of George Zimmerman, and by the way both the left and the right have been guilty of this at times. Zimmerman has been judged by half the country based on on moment in his life. Any evidence that Zimmerman is more than what that one moment makes him, this family fears, may be greeted with hatred and anger. Think about that.