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Unions send mixed message on Obamacare

by Greg Belfrage

President Obama meets with union leaders today in an effort to soften their criticism of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The AFL-CIO passed a resolution this week expressing their general support of Obamacare, but also fiercely condemning portions of the law.  Union leaders say the costs of union-sponsored health plans have risen so quickly under Obamacare that workers and employers have been forced out of them.

Well, duh. That's exactly what conservatives and Republicans have been predicting since the beginning of the healthcare debate.

Lorretta Johnson of the American Federation of Teachers says many members have had their hours cut. Employers have kept them under the 30-hour week threshold they must work before ACA requires employers to provide health care coverage or pay a penalty. 

Again, this is exactly the sort of thing many Republicans warned would happen if Obamacare was passed.

Unions were apparently counting on being shielded from the disastrous effects of the Affordable Care Act. 

Today's meeting with President Obama is an indication the unions may get exactly what they want.  There has been talk of union subsidies and exemptions from ACA.  Such a deal would be an affront to everyone else who will be required to participate or face stiff fines.

Inexplicably, the AFL-CIO resolution also said that "the labor movement's ultimate health care goal is health care for everyone under a single-payer model".

If a single payer system in the AFL-CIO's ultimate goal...why all the fuss?  Obamacare was designed to do exactly what its doing... drive employers out of health care so workers will be forced into a government insurance program.

If unions don't like the results, perhaps they should stop advocating for a single payer system and supporting the socialist Democrats who support it.

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