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Hot new trailer: Godzilla vs Rodan?

by Greg Belfrage

There's yet another new trailer for Godzilla and it looks absolutely phenomenal! It's got everything Godzilla fans love...a major city in smoking ruin, mayhem, pandemonium, the military rolling out in tanks, atomic explosions...and more monsters!

Several months ago, I blogged that there would be at least one other monster in the movie, perhaps two. This trailer shows Godzilla facing off against a large, flying reptile. Do my eyes deceive me? Can this be Rodan?

The lack of other monsters was a major failing of the 1998 version of Godzilla, which starred Matthew Broderick. That movie has been largely rejected by long-time fans of the original Japanese films.

The fact that this movie has Godzilla squaring off against other monsters is a great sign. Major monster battles were a key part of nearly all of the original movies from Toho Studios.

Godzilla opens in theaters on May 16.

I'll see you there.

Greg Belfrage is a lifelong Star Trek fan, Batman toy collector, sci-fi movie maniac and hopeless geek. He can be contacted at greg.belfrage@mwcradio.com.