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Young MLB Fan Gets an Earful From First Base Coach

by Nick Vitrano

Major League Baseball is one of the great recycling leagues of sport.  That is to say, once you’re in the managerial/coaching ranks, you’ve basically got to kill a guy to disappear.  That sounds extreme, but seriously, take a look at teams’ coaching staffs and you will see familiar name after familiar name, often producing the response, “Oh yeah, he used to manage with….  He’s still in the game, hey?”  Enter Rene Lachemann.

Lachemann managed a number of teams over the years, coached many a base over the years.  Milwaukee Brewers fans will identify with Lachemann’s as an interesting footnote in the history of the team – skipper of the disappointing 1984 squad who was canned in the final week of the season, but allowed to continue managing through the bitter end.  Bizarre.  And I know what you snarky anti-Brewers folks are thinking to yourselves, “Disappointing?  When were the Brewers not disappointing, Nick?”  Yeah, yeah, giggle it up, but the Crew was one of the best teams in baseball from 1978 through 1983. 

Anyway, Lachemann presently resides on the first base line with the Rockies.  It was there that he decided to parent a young Phillies fan who just wanted a freakin’ baseball.  Maybe Lachemann is still bitter over that whole Milwaukee deal! 

Geeze, Lachemann…relax.  And get that finger out of the poor kid’s face.  Of course, Lachemann was just havin' a little fun with the kid, but I'm not so sure the kid knows that.  I think he thinks Lachemann is just some crazy a*s old man!  :)  You've gotta love the "see ya later, buddy" right after he tells him how his team is gonna get whipped.