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There’s Only One - OCTOBER!

by Nick Vitrano

Oh baby!  Here we go!  Welcome to the greatest month in sports.  Welcome to the MLB playoffs.  Welcome to October. 

October.  Just say it.  You know what it means.  In no other sport, save NCAA basketball, can the utterance of a single month bring so much clarity.  Think about it.  Do we ever crown an NFL squad “Team January,” or an NBA player “Mr. May?”

It’s October, and as if we needed any additional drama, we just had a Wild Card tiebreaker elimination game in advance of the AL Wild Card elimination game.  Awesome! 

This is precisely the theater Bud Selig envisioned when he introduced the second Wild Card.  Of course, some still cannot get over themselves and admit that perhaps they were wrong when they attacked Selig’s vision.  Those people will never grasp the genius that is the added regular season drama and heightened importance placed upon the division crown that the second Wild Card provides.  It’s brilliant.   

So away we go, ladies and gents.  Embrace it, for there is only one (as Dane Cook reminded us back in 2007):

Wait, that wasn’t the right one.  Here it is: 

I don’t know if that was any better.  Why was Dane Cook the official spokesman for the MLB back then?  Anyone?  Bueller?