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Guess what happens next:

by Nick Vitrano

So, hot chick seated behind the dugout makes eye contact with a ballplayer and asks for some “love.”  Ballplayer tosses a ball in the stands for the hot chick.  Guess what happens next:

OK, OK, too funny, right?  But there’s no way that chick went home without a souvenir.  It’s only the bottom of the 4th, so that chick has a minimum of 5 additional opportunities to exchange glances and words with the player, pleading her case.  Heck, there’s a decent chance that the player witnessed the thievery.  So, we need not feel sorry for her – and her dude ought to think twice before laughing too hard – for I’m all but certain that that chick did not go home empty handed.  She got a ball…with the player’s phone number on it.