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Eskimos Still Wear Coats

by Nick Vitrano

As the nation continues to suffer through this deep freeze, I’m hoping NFL analysts will begin to take note of the absurdity of the logic that extreme weather conditions such as these favor certain teams. 

Simply put, cold is cold.

Having lived in Wisconsin my entire life and covered the Green Bay Packers for the last decade +, I’ve heard it countless times: this is Packers weather.  Yeah…about that.  It’s not unique analysis to the Pack, but it was front and center on Sunday as, once again, the mercury was historically low at kickoff.  Interestingly enough, Denver and New England look as though they’ll be pretty pleasant this weekend, so San Diego and Indy may have dodged a bullet.  At the very least, we all have dodged that analysis.  

Here in Green Bay, we love to talk big, love to lower our voices, John Facenda style, and speak confidently of the “frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.”  We love to convince ourselves that this is exactly how our guys want it, how we want it, that we’re a cold weather team and chill is not a concern.  We love to believe that temperature will be a greater issue for the guys from the dome or the warm weather locale.  There is something to be said for the psychological impact, but that’s all build-up…that’s all in the hype. 

As far as temperature itself is concerned, like I sad...cold is cold.  There’s no real “getting used to it.”  When the temperature drops, for those of us who live here, the human body doesn’t just go into some “been there, done that” assimilation mode.  It’s still cold.  It still frosts the skin.  Eskimos still wear coats.

The truth: there isn’t a single player who’ll tell ya that he’d rather play outside in subzero temps vs. a dome or a warm(er) weather stadium…at least not a single player off the record.  

And we're going to play a Super Bowl outside...in New Jersey...silly.