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Time to Wave, Goodbye

by Craig Mattick

Krazy George would throw his drum at me.  Remember Krazy George?  George Henderson is the guy who is paid to be a professional cheerleader for minor league and professional teams.  It's a great gig. Paid to bring his drum and pound on it during games and get the crowd "into the game."

I interviewed Krazy George a couple times.  He'd bring his drum into the radio studio, and if I mentioned the opposing team, he'd start pounding that drum in the studio and call the other teams ugly or they cheat.  It was crazy fun.  Krazy George did his thing at numerous sports stadiums.  He's been doing it since the 70's.

But, his most famous claim to fame must go...The Wave.

Krazy George says he created the Wave.  George says its was October 15, 1981 when he got 47-thousand fans at an Oakland A's game to do it.  George says he did it two weeks before the University of Washington said they did the very first wave.

Krazy George says what he created not only is a worldwide sport's phenomemon, but also a piece of American pop culture.  I say its now a piece of crap.

I've been trying to decide why the Wave is done today.  Most of the time, its done at the wrong time.  At events I've been at, some weirdo decides he wants to be Krazy George II and be in charge of all the cheers.  At NFL stadiums, these idiots will do the wave when the home team has the ball.  Uh, you're suppose to be loud and obnoxious when the visitor has the ball!  At MLB stadiums, the wave comes when things get boring....which I'm surprised they don't start the wave right after the first pitch.

For those with ADHD, its visually stimulating.  For drunk and obnoxious males, it apparently is a higher "high" to get 50-thousand fans out off their seats.  

I'm not falling for it anymore.  Please, just stop doing the Wave and just drink your beer.