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Getting It Wrong....Twice!

by Tom King

If the Oakland A's miss the playoffs by a game they will probably look back to the night of May 8th. That's when Angel Hernandez and the rest of his umpiring crew not only missed the original home run call call that would have tied the game with two outs in the 9th...but then incredibly...got it wrong a second time after a video review. And then to compound the problem and lend more credibility to the charge of arrogance and un-accountability that has been leveled at major league umpires over the last few years...he refused to be interviewed but said they could not be 100% sure that it was a home run. If his eyesight and judgement are that bad he should be no-where near a major league game. I wouldn't hire him to ump one of my Legion games. And there were two other guys with him. It defies logic. Chipper Jones humorusly tweeted that "it must have been getaway day"

And Major League Baseball...instead of taking a stand to right the wrong and order the game to be restarted as a tie...Bud Selig's office issued a tepid statement saying that even though  an "improper call" had been made, the game result would stand and that the umpires are "not perfect'. 

I agree....the umps cant get the calls right all the time....that is why video replay was instituted...but if they refuse to see what's on the screen what are we to do?

Earlier this week John Hirshbeck threw Bryce Harper out of a game for staring at him too long. Some of these guys are off the rails and have little or no accountability. Many of them extend "heat of the moment" arguments instead of defusing them. 

There is no question that the most incompetent officials in pro sports work in the NBA but major league baseball umpires are closing fast and the powers that run the game seem ok with that.