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A Sucker Bet

by Tom King

Gamblers on the NFL this season must be pulling out what little hair they have left. There has been very little rhyme or reason to who wins or who loses every week. And some of the individual performances defy belief. Just yesterday saw Nick Foles of the Eagles throw 7 touchdown passes just a couple of weeks after he was putrid in a game. Joe Kapp's record, which was set back in 1969, has now been tied twice this season. Kansas City ran their record to 9-0 after beating Buffalo. I'm sure that everybody had the Chiefs as the last undefeated team when the season began. The Jets have a sub-par rookie quarterback, no good running backs and no good receivers and somehow beat the high scoring Saints yesterday. Tom Brady looked injured, frustrated and washed-up the last few weeks...and he hung 55 on the board yesterday as New England trounced Pittsburgh. It seems that this has become the norm in the NFL. Nothing is certain (except Jacksonville and Tampa Bay losing). Gamblers beware.

The Packers face the Bears tonight and even with most of his receivers out with injuries I think Aaron. Rodgers picks the Bears apart. And if the D can keep Matt Forte in check (and I think they can) The Pack should win this one and continue on to a sneaky good season. I'm not going to be surprised if they win out.