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What is wrong with this?

by Jason Miller

Okay, Okay, we get it.  The guy wins a golf tournament and after hugging his wife gives her a slap on the rear end.  But to loop it like so many are, I believe is over the top.  Jason Dufner, let us be honest, if you are not a golf fan you didn’t even know who this guy was.  You didn’t know anything about this guy.  You didn’t know that this unknown was on the Rider Cup Team in 2012 and journeyed around since turning pro in 2000.  

Jason Dufner gives guys like me the mental consideration that we could be good at the game of golf.  His physique is; average height, he has longer hair, as the kids like to call it, hockey hair, and a belly that sticks out a bit.  He looks like most of my friends, family and guys I see walking down the street.  Here is what makes him different……..his HOT wife, of which he patted on the butt a few times after winning the PGA Championship.  He won a freaking major and we are worried about him patting HIS WIFE on the rear end.  Thank goodness there wasn’t video evidence of Tiger doing whatever it was that he did or that would be looped too…just let that roll around in your mental crock pot.  

It was his wife and the reason guys, mostly, are making a big deal out of his patting, is that they wish they had a wife that hot to pat after winning a major.  Get over it guys and just know this.  If you want to get a more attractive girlfriend or wife, learn to play golf and make lots of money and POOOOOOF, she will show up. 

To Jason Dufner congrats, mostly for winning your first major but also for your choice in women.