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Seriously Flacco?

by Jason Miller

At some point in time we all have a guy who does something odd, weird, out of nowhere and just plain old crazy.  Not sure if you saw it but over the weekend the QB of Texas A&M, after serving a first half suspension, was allowed to enter the game in the 2nd half.  Enter it he did.  3 TD’s and a few highlights later everyone is talking about Johnny Football.  What were the highlights about?  I believe that should be the question.  He gets blasted from behind and then gets up and starts talking trash to the defender, I’m okay with this because you should talk trash after a defender blasts you and you get right up.  But here is where Johnny Football takes his odd turn.  

  He starts flashing the money sign, telling the other team to look at the scoreboard and just down right disrespects his coach for all to see.  But these actions are great for ESPN, Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports TV and others.  It gives the anchors something to talk about and the analysts eat this up.  But if you are the recent QB of the Super Bowl winning team and for a short time the highest paid player in the NFL, should you be weighing in, even if you are asked.  Well, why don’t we take a look at what Joe Flacco, your QB for the Baltimore Ravens said:

"I don't know if I'll be too popular for this," Flacco told the Carroll County Times in Maryland. "But I don't know how I really felt about Johnny Manziel, but I feel like now everyone hates him. He's quickly becoming my favorite player in college football."

Flacco started addressing Manziel after he was asked about the negative over-reaction to his face being displayed all over Denver for the NFL season opener this Thursday.

Before I go any further let me tell you something.  I will never take another’s opinion and dismiss it because it’s that very thing I get to do on this blog.  But here’s where it’s different.  I am not influencing thousands of young kids who hang on my every word.  I get that at home with my kids and that responsibility is one I take very serious and try to never teach my kids the wrong way to handle a situation.  

But with that said, Joe Flacco…SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH.  You might be the most boring QB the NFL has ever had and the only other two QB’s that I would be surprised if they said this would the Manning brothers, and even then, at least they have a rap video out.  Joe Flacco you rode the backs of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and the rest of the Baltimore Defense that gave you great field position in the Super Bowl.  You have one of the best RB’s, Rice and your Coach Harbaugh is quietly becoming a great coach.  You Joe Flacco should worry about the fact that you don’t have Boldin this year and your defense lost Ray Ray and Reed.  You should have no time to comment about Johnny Football.  

The fact that you are responding to a question about the over reaction from a poster with your face on it doesn’t have anything to do with College football.  You like Johnny Football so much then here’s an idea.  Lead your team to a 2 and 14 record and beg your GM to draft him.  Then you can complement him all you want for months on end, in private, in the locker room where no ten year old is going to see or hear what you had to say.  Johnny Football might be a talented College QB but let’s be honest, where have we heard that one before….ummmmm Tim Tebow.  Johnny Football you have a little better arm than Tebow but you too will suffer with the same fate in the NFL.  If not, then I will eat every one of these words and do with a smile on my face.  Go ahead Johnny and keep beating up on the Rice’s of the world but wait for Alabama to get you in their clinches and see just how good you really are.  Flacco, shut up and worry about the Broncos defense instead of how great you think Johnny is.  Now excuse me while I explain to my ten year old that you can’t act like a Donkey just because you’re good.