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Could you do it?

by Jason Miller

From baseline to baseline it's 84 feet, minus the 17 feet from baseline to free throw line leaves us with 64 feet or so to the other basket.  64 feet is the same distance from the pitchers mound to home plate.  64 feet is roughly the same amount of space from the red face off circles to the other goal on a hockey rink.  It's a long way, let just put it that way.  Well let me talk about what Easton Gamoke, Eighth Grader from Winona (Minn.) Middle School did.  His team needed a miracle to win the game and he let a shot go from about 64 feet away from his basket.  In football it's called a hail mary, in Horse it's called the shot of a lifetime.  Easton stepped into this and heaved the basketball and well check out the video below.

So he hits the game winner and so a television station in MN, KMSP-TV goes to the Y and does a great story about how Easton hit this "One in a Million" shot.  The anchor doing the story has his team-mates try the shot and they miss horribly.  Easton, steps up, takes a few steps and well, take a look:

Could you do this twice...ahhh no.