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Men's Summer Fashion Mistakes

by Nikki Montgomery

Here are 7 of the biggest fashion mistakes that men make in the summer.

  1. Socks and shoes. If you're wearing shorts please don't wear socks. Unless of course you're heading to the gym.
  2. Cargo shorts. They're just out of style.
  3. Strong body spray or cologne. It's hot and when you start to sweat that smell becomes that much stronger.
  4. Flip flops. If you wear them sometimes that's fine. At the beach that's fine, but for everyday shoes please choose sandals.
  5. Tank tops. No just no.
  6. Board shorts. Unless you're actually on a boat don't wear these unflattering shorts.
  7. Wraparound shades. Protecting your eyes is awesome, but there are other more suitable types of sunglasses to choose from. Unless you're on a roller coaster you don't need the wraparound band connecting the arms of your sunglasses together.