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Best deals online

by Nikki Montgomery

If you're like me you're always looking for the best deal. I personally am not a coupon clipper, but I do use them on occasion. For all you coupon collectors there are some great online coupons available through couponcabin.com, coupons.com and retailmenot.com. 

I much prefer to find really good deals on items I want or need. So I did a little research to find the best deals on the web. Here's what I found: dealnews.com is awesome! They have a team of people searching thousands of reputable sites looking for great deals on millions of products and updating the site hundreds of times a day! Slickdeals.net is a site that is a deal sharing site that is updated by users who have found good deals. Offers.com contains deals from over 4,000 stores and coupon codes for extra savings if available. Woot.com is a fun deal of the day site where you can find good deals on items for a limited time. 

If you are searching for the lowest price on an item Amazon.com is always good for that so is pricegrabber.com. There's always Google too, Google Product Search has a local shopping option so you can search stores near you.

I was in search of a changing table using each site here are my results: 

Dealnews.com found me a combination crib and changing table by Carter's at Wal-Mart for $40 less than anywhere else at $159.

Slickdeals.net lots of results came up but only one matching my description. A Cooper convertible crib with attached changing table at Wal-Mart for $129 (rollback from $189)

Offers.com brought up lots of options and I found exactly what I was looking for! A free standing changing table lots of different brands with prices ranging from $79 to $4,000. The one that I want is a modern free standing changing table with hamper and three baskets for $107 at ababy.com.

Amazon.com found the same changing table I want on offers.com, but I can get it for $99 through Amazon.com. And I found one I actually like better for only $94. 

All that searching took me about 15 minutes and it was worth it to find just what I wanted. Besides I didn't have to run around to every retailer's website or worse yet drive around to every store.