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The Power Of The Slow Shutter...

by Dave Kallaway

Got to shoot pics for a Fireworks Company..fun gig, right? It really was..but also needed to tell a story of how many people come to their annual pre-4th of July event. One way to do this..is show the fans continuing to arrive even though they've had all day to get to the event! I tried this while shooting way up on a platform..not a normal view for fireworks..but it helped to get waaay up in the air to show where all the cars were parked with more coming. You use a slow shutter speed anyway when shooting fireworks. I use my camera in Manual/Bulb mode at ISO200 at about f10..so I can leave the shutter open for as long as I want. The slow shutter speed also got the stream of cars you seen in the middle here...those are people still arriving. Fun to be at a photo op with 8,000-10,000 people there to see the Ka-Booms!! (I took this at Fireworks Country June 21st out near Wittenberg, Wisconsin!)