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The Good and the Bad about getting "likes" if you're a Photographer...

by Dave Kallaway

Simple click. Posted it on Facebook. Within an hour..60 likes. And that's nice to get, right? Getting "hits" and "likes" are like getting a wonderful hug. Always a good thing, but don't set your photography standards based on getting likes. People base their ability to push that like button on quick emotion and not your technical ability to take a good photo. Photographers pick apart their photos..and strive to make them good exposures that are sharp, loaded with character..the kind of thing people will want to frame and put up in their house. Well..this photo for example..I knew that a nice sunrise would be a cool thing to post..sunrises and sunsets always get a response. Nice to get the likes..but nobody is going to call me up and say "can I get that framed?. Get solid feedback from photography groups and fellow photogs on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. They'll tell you the truth and give you the best feedback so you can take your photography to the next level.