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Hiring the right photographer....

by Dave Kallaway

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I get calls all the time with people asking "can you shoot pics at my wedding" "can you take pics of my 3 year old" "I need a great pic of my business." Whew..cool to get the calls, but I always have little flags going up when I get those calls. You have to get the right photographer for these special moments. If you're having a wedding..you are best served getting a wedding photographer. A lot of people think just anybody can do the job..but I can tell you from experience..it's hard work and takes a pro to capture that special day. Why? Wedding Photographers, for example, make their living on getting all the cool shots on your wedding day..if you hand a camera to Uncle Bob and say "take some pictures..we trust you"..you might be asking Bob later "why didn't you get a picture of the cake, the rings, the kiss??????" Better to be safe than sorry and remember...taking pictures of children at special stages of their lives and wedding days only come around once...make sure you get good pictures with a pro photographer!