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Thunderstorms and Dogs-How to calm their fears-it can be done!

by Stacy Cole

( This is Bubba-he's lucky, he doesn't hate storms )

It's time for storms and for many dog owners, that means your dog is anxious and afraid. There are several ways to address this issue so that storms don't create such fear in your pets.

1. Try a distraction. Take the dog to the basement and play loud music or games. This is always suggested but it never worked for me with my shivering dog. Adaptil is also a product you can buy in spray or diffuser form that is a copy of a calming pheromone. They also have versions for cats, as well (Feliway). You can spray it in the pet's bedding or plug in the diffuser in an area where the dog likes to hang out. NEVER spray on the pet.

2. Try a Thundershirt . It's a shirt that gives a little bit of compression (using velcro), tightness around the dogs body. This can give the dog a feeling of calm and doesn't require much advance planning. Marathon Town and Country in Wausau stocks Thundershirts and it's worth a try.

3. Talk to your Veterinarian. There are medications available to help ease anxiety and alleviate the stress each time the skies turn dark. Also, when pets are afraid, they tend to run. Many scared animals can become missing pets if not properly restrained. Even if your dog NEVER runs away when you let it out, one thunderclap and your dog may be off and running. Make sure you have the proper leash and collar to keep your pet safe. Marathon Town and Country of Wausau has a special coupon for readers of Stacy's Pet Project Page!


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