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Girl, work that waddle

by Nikki Montgomery

So much about pregnancy isn't sexy, and even though it may not be the most unsexy thing the pregnancy waddle is certainly the most noticeable. You will begin waddling in the 3rd trimester. You may not realize it when it starts happening, but others will. Unfortunately it's unavoidable. 

We waddle because of a combination of things. We have a growing belly that throws our balance off and we shift our weight to try to offset it. Besides that we're flooded with pregnancy hormones getting us ready for the big day by loosening our joints and ligaments making us more unstable. As the babies get bigger and start to drop the pelvis begins to widen for the great escape which also widens our stance. 

This video is kinda long, but even if you watch a minute you'll get the idea.

The waddle hits us multiples moms sooner than all you singleton moms (so count your blessings). Even though it's not sexy and may even be a bit embarrassing know it happens to all pregnant women. The best part about all the negatives of pregnancy is that they don't last, but neither do the cool things like feeling the baby move and trying to guess if that's an elbow or a knee creating that lump in your belly, so don't wish it away.

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