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First Trip to the ER

by Corey Carter

Hopefully you don't have a weak stomach!  This is Cole's thumb, which got pinched in the "hinge-side" of our playhouse door.  OUCH!  I got a call from my wife at about 4pm and all I could hear was him SCREAMING in the background and my wife's trembling voice saying "I'm taking Cole to the ER..." 

Something that makes every parent's heart skip instantly.

After he got to the ER he (and Mom) settled down, it turned out to be only a SMALL fracture and some pretty chewed-up skin, but overall he was okay.  No cast or splint...just some ointment and band-aids.  The swelling has gone down and he's back to normal now.

I told my wife: "...well, this will be the first of many trips here..."  Although, as no mother would, she didn't want to hear any of that :)   But with twin boys only 19 months...I'm sure we'll be back...hopefully not anytime soon!