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Playtime for baby

by Vanessa Ryan

Play is so important for babies. Here are some ideas of fun games to play with your baby:

Copycat: Copy your baby's funny faces. Try to get them to copy yours too.

Peek-a-boo: Babies love peek-a-boo. When a baby can't see something they think it's gone. This is a fun way to teach them that an object or a person is still there even if it's hiding.

Patty cake or other action songs: This is fun because as they get older you can sing and they will do the motions like in the video above of my twins playing patty cake. This is also a great distraction tool. Whenever my girls start to get fussy I start singing and they start clapping.

Building towers: At first you will build the tower and they will have fun knocking it down, but soon they will start to stack objects too.

Ball: Roll a ball to your baby. At first they won't know what to do with it, but eventually they'll learn to roll it back.

Your doctor can offer you some other ideas for games that fit your baby's age. There are lots of fun games to play with your baby and all of them will help your baby develop. And they love the attention :)

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