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Biking At Night Just Got Safer (And Way More Fun)!

by Justin

Riding your bike at night or, in my case, early morning pedal commute- can be dangerous to say the least.  Headlights are recommended and, in some states, required for bicycles operating in darkness.  While headlights are great for alerting motor vehicles to your presence, they provide very little visual aid for you the cyclist, especially when it comes to reading the terrain ahead of you.

Enter the Lumigrid...

Yeah, just what it looks like- Lumigrid creates an LED grid map of the road ahead.  Not only will this help you navigate uneven ground more safely, it also makes you feel like a TRON program playing light cycles on the gaming grid!  (Biking enthusiast/Sci-Fi nerds like me will understand this completely. )

The only drawback I can see- it's not yet available for purchase- the design from Sichuan University in China is not yet in mass production.