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Delicious Low-Carb Chicken Salad Wrap

by Corey Carter

(Thumbnail photo courtesy of: 

Evan Joshua Swigart (TheCulinaryGeek) from Chicago, Illinois, USA; hometown of Ames, Iowa, USA )

My wife and I have started this week with eliminating refined carbs (breads/grains/starches) after noon-time.  

A lot of salads with lean meat, etc....for supper.  It actually is really good and I haven't woken up with any stomach - aches as I had in the past when I would traditionally have a bowl of cereal or some kind of high-carb nighttime snack, after having a high-carb dinner.

I found this recipe on Facebook and tried it last night, instead of in wraps, we put it on lettuce as a salad and it was GOOD!  Again, it isn't necessarily "low-calorie" but it's low-carb and tastes GREAT! (especially if you have a sweet-tooth like I do!)