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Fried egg on a burger: Yea or Nay

by Jeff Flynt

There are lots of restaurants and eateries moving toward offering a fried egg (sometimes over easy or over medium) on their hamburgers.

But have you stopped to think whether or not it's a good idea?

It may be a fairly new innovation in the continental U.S., but in other parts of the world, eggs have long made a home in a sandwich consisting of ground meat, veggies and condiments.

Our evolving food culture demands it, and apparently chefs and restaurateurs are answering the call.

That's just from January 2011. Since then, even more places are offering an extra protein punch on their burgers.

Burgers themselves are not a good idea for breakfast. Any doctor will tell you that. But just to equate eggs with breakfast leaves one with the closed-mindedness of a person who only drinks champagne on New Year's or only watches big budget movies.

If the fried egg is cooked properly, that is with a done white and a runny yellow, it can add a velvety texture and flavor mix with your sandwich that cannot be duplicated.

Now before you get all weird on me, I'm not advocating for throwing the kitchen sink on a burger (because you can't eat sinks). Some stuff you just can't talk me into putting on a burger. Like this for example.

What I am saying is that the evolution of food, in this case burgers, means finding alternative flavors and ways to consume it. Here for the fried egg camp, I vote yea.

(Photo by Simon DoggettTaken on September 11, 2010 )