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'Tis The Season to Tailgate!

by Ken Lanphear

Ready or not, another football season is upon us and the return of that uniquely American tradition...tailgating!

Or, may it's not just American.  I don't know, maybe soccer fans in distant countries open up their trucks, spread the picnic basket contents out and enjoy a snack before the big match on the pitch.

But, the pre-game festivities in many areas have become almost as important if not more so than the contest itself.  It seems like a strange tradition...standing in a parking lot eating and drinking for hours on end before (and after) a football game, but it's been elevated to an art form by many, many fans.

What may have started off as just a beer and a hot dog from the back of a pickup truck has evolved for some into tricked-out vehicles specifically designed for such events with fine wines, actual plates and silverware to serve up multi-course meals and desserts and even games to while away the time until kickoff.

And, the traditions of tailgating have led to long-time friendships among fans of football teams who share this experience with their next-door-neighbor tailgaters fall after fall after fall.

Enjoy your Football Fall in your favorite manner with your favorite fans this season!