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He proposed with no photographer? Do what I did!

by Jen DeRoo

Hiring a photographer to capture the moment you propose has been all over Pinterest. Guess what? My better half doesn’t go on Pinterest and gets all glossy-eyed when I work in “I saw this thing on Pinterest…” into our conversations. Sound familiar? Don’t fret! My guy didn’t have a photographer to capture the moment he got down on one knee but I still get to relive that night over and over. 

After I “came to” about the proposal I did not see coming I knew I had to do two things: 1-call my family and 2-Make sure I remembered everything little detail about what just happened. When I hung up the phone with my parents I made sure my phone wasn’t water damaged from all the happy tears and remembered that it has the voice recorder app on it. (I tend to use this primarily to record my man snoring to have proof that he does indeed snore like a freight train.) I opened up the app and laid it on his chest and made him tell me the story about how he proposed. 

Here is the recording we made 15 minutes after he proposed! I am very giggly and you can tell I was just crying. So please forgive my awesome laughing throughout the video. This is the photo he put up on Facebook that night. 

This recording is my most prized possession in the entire world. To protect it from flash floods, fires and my two dachshunds I have burned it to a CD and emailed it to myself. This thing isn’t going anywhere!  No matter how long it’s been since your proposal I recommend doing this now. As in right now. Have your better half tell the story of your engagement so you can listen to it over and over again.