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DIY You've Got To Try!

by Lucy Black

I am so excited to share my artsy fartsy projects with you!  It is no secret that Pinterest has DIY projects galore, but the real question is... which ones work?  Which projects can I do with the simplest of tools?

You're in luck!  Armed with my trusty glue gun and stapler, I have been taking on projects to find out which ones require the least amount of expensive supplies.  Just because you CAN do-it-yourself, doesn't mean you should.  So come along with me on my journey of finding the DIY You've Got To Try! 

Less tools, less stress = more FUN!

I'm Lucy from Fargo and over the winter months (which are long and grueling) I hibernate in my craft room.

This desk was actually assembled from a few of those cube shelves and a finished counter top from Home Depot.  Yes, an idea I got on Pinterest - and it worked (and was more affordable than some of my other options).  Love the storage too!  

I have a few projects in store to get your creative ball rolling, so check back for the next update.  Here's a sneak peak at a few of my latest DIY creations that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks:

Turning an old ugly bathroom picture into a fun and functional chalkboard.

From tiles to drink coasters.

And how to create custom drawer organizers for any room from any cardboard box!

And this is just the beginning.  Get your favorite glue gun warmed up and load up your stapler, coz it's crafting time.  Check back soon for the first of many DIY You've Got To Try blogs.  

In the meantime:

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