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  • Vicious Dog Impression

    Posted by Kate

    This guys SEEMS normal while talking, but then impersonates a neighbor dog.  Yikes!

    I feel sorry for his wife.

  • Lost Dog-Help

    Posted by Kate

    Our lil dog Bella is missing. She's a white Maltese and has a black and pink collar on. She about 7-8 lbs. Very friendly dog. Her front paws are a lil long. (They kinda look like when ur socks get to loose on ur feet and they flop around.) She has a special bond with our son who is in the Navy boot camp as we speak. He talks and asks about her all the time. In one of his letters he writes "I miss you almost as much as I miss Bella" He is doing really good and I don't want to give him bad news. It will break my heart to have to tell him. We miss her so much and the house feels so empty w/out her here. We offering a reward.


    Please contact or the Hibbing Animal Shelter if you have any information!

  • Cindy Perman from

    Posted by Kate

    Proof that we need to be creative to survive the Great Recession.

    Cindy Perman from