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  • View from a Sea Turtle

    Posted by Kate

    Video from a camera a sea turtle managed to turn on and film himself, stunning footage of a turtle's underwater journey!

  • Relay 4 Life

    Posted by Kate

    Relay 4 Life could use some more teams...

    Teams can be up to 15 people and need to raise at least $1000.  The next meeting  for Captains is June 14th at Howard Court at 7pm.

    Help out if you can!!

  • 10 Tips to Slow Aging

    Posted by Kate

    Here are ten ways to slow down your aging process and get healthier now. Head to to learn more about the film.



    1. Fight free radicals with a diet full of fruits and vegetables.


    2. Drink plenty of water.


    3. Drink alcohol in moderation: men should keep alcohol intake at a level of not more than two drinks daily, preferably red wine; women should have not more than one drink daily, preferably red wine.


    4. Exercise, including breathing exercises.


    5. Follow a caloric restriction diet.


    6. Live a stress-free life, including a focus on the quality of personal relationships - recognize the power of love and connections.


    7. Have a passion for life - live your life with a sense of purpose.


    8. Take vegetarian food-based supplements.


    9. Have regular doctor and dentist checkups.


    10. Educate yourself on the latest preventive measures and on how to live longer.