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  • WNMT's New Line Up

    Posted by Craig Holgate

    First off a big thank you to all those who took the time to comment and voice their opinion. It did make a difference and the winner of our e-mail vote was option number one. Not by a landslide, but it was by a decisive margin. So starting on Monday our new weekday afternoon line up will be:


    2-4 p.m. Garage Logic

    4-5 p.m. Sports Talk with Joe and Pat

    5-6 p.m. Reusse and Mackey

    Please allow us a little patience during the first few days of transition, as we get all the tape delaying, technical items worked out. We have been testing and working on it this week, but I'm not confident we have all the bugs worked out just yet.

    Many of you also made comments on the 6-9 p.m. slot. Those have also been heard, and are being taken under advisement at this time. Thank you for your time and remember my inbox is always open to your thoughts.


    Craig Holgate 

  • Garage Logic is Moving....Your Input here!

    Posted by Craig Holgate

    Listener's WNMT has always valued your opinion and in the coming week's (beginning February 11th) one of your favorite shows is moving. We do want you to know this is change being made by Hubbard Broadcasting and not by WNMT. Here is how the programs will be fed down from the network:

    1-3 p.m. Garage Logic

    3-4 p.m. Sports Talk with Joe and Pat

    4-5 p.m. Reusse and Mackey

    As you know, WNMT carries, and will continue to carry, Rush Limbaugh until 2 p.m. This is something that will not be changing. So below are a couple of options on how we can handle the upcoming program and time change for Garage Logic, Sports Talk with Joe and Pat and Reusse and Mackey.

    Please look over the options and then click the link below to send me an e-mail. You can simply put Option #1, 2 or 3 in the subject line and hit send. If you have more thoughts by all means include them as well.

    Option #1- Delay all of the programing by one hour and play it all back from 2-6 each day. Pro- All programs are heard in order. Con- You're unable to "call" the show.  

    Option #2- Carry the programing live from 2-5, and then play back the first hour of GL from 5-6.  Pro- Majority of Programs are Live, and you still have some GL in it's current time slot. Con- GL is being taken out of order and broken up.

    Option #3- Move out of the town of Garage Logic and carry other programs. Pro- Moving can be fun! Con- Moving is never fun!

    Pick an option and send them to me, along with any other comments or ideas you have on these upcoming changes.

    Thank you for your time,

    Craig Holgate, WNMT Radio.

  • Trainer Attacked

    Posted by Kate

    Ever been to the MGM Grand, I'm glad they have the really thick glass!!!


  • Golf Brush Fire

    Posted by Kate

    Holy cow...all this done with a golf shot!!!